Is gambling bad as a christian

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Why is gambling wrong? |

However, we might add a reflection of thought: gambling is a bad thing as long as you put money above all important priorities in your life. Videos: Really Juice?? - Office Vlog Ep.7 As a Christian (and a mathematics minor), gambling just seems dumb. That said, I know no Biblical reference that denounces gambling, but someone smarter than I might know one. Gambling: Is It Really That Bad? It is estimated that Americans spend as much as $550 billion a year in legalized gambling. On state-sanctioned lotteries, people spend about $88 million per day. Gambling - It's A Bad Bet! It is estimated that close to 10 million Americans now have a gambling habit that is out of control—and the number is growing daily."

What Does the Bible Say about Gambling?

Gambling as a leisure activity is perfectly healthy, but it can easily become a process addiction. The intense highs and lows of winning and losing are as addictive as the effects of a chemical substance on the brain. Very Bad Things (1998) YIFY - Download Movie Torrent - YTS

P.O. is gambling bad christian can abilify cause gambling problems It is important to find a site with a proven track record of security. After they sinned, work changed to a more laborious task, but it remained the way God provided for them.That’s our advice to you – take the free odds bet.

Although the words "gambling" and "gamble" do not appear in the Bible, we cannot assume that an activity is not a sin simply because it is not mentioned. Looking at pornography on the Internet and using illegal drugs are not mentioned either, but both violate God's laws.

Should Christians be gambling? Leave your thoughts in the comments section!Gambling could be good or bad depend on the way you think. You are taking some words from the Bible and trying toPlease contact a Christian financial planner (or coach) for specific advice regarding your situation.

Is gambling bad? | Christian Forums Jun 07, 2004 · I want to know your opinions on gambling or the lottery. My grandpa and father buy lottery tickets every day, is that bad. As christians are we to put our fatih and money into gambling everyday? I am not usre if gambling can be a good or bad thing when it comes to being a christian.